Benebay & iron reHealth Partnership

Iron ReHealth is excited to announce we are expanding our partnership with Benebay effective October 1, 2021!

By teaming up with BeneBay, we now offer a new expanded coverage network, powered by Cigna, that allows our members access to 1.5M+ health care providers, clinics and facilities nationwide!

Cigna is an American worldwide health services organization with a strong reputation for providing Americans with a high level of care. Cigna has constructed a robust national network of over 1.5 million healthcare providers, clinics, and facilities across the U.S. with more than 170 million customer and patient relationships in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions.

Benebay is a third-party administrator (TPA) that manages provider networks. Benebay currently administers benefits for 400,000+ clients.

While our network and claims administrator will be changing to BeneBay from Viva Health on October 1, 2021, our team and mission remain the same.

The Iron ReHealth program began offering health benefits in September 2018, and since that time has grown to provide health benefits to more than 11,000 members in both Alabama as well as surrounding states. Iron ReHealth’s unique structure offers members the same benefits as traditional insurers, while providing savings and flexibility to your business.

Benebay-Cigna Health Provider Search

There are several options to make it easy to search for a Cigna Health provider. 

Option 1:

Visit the Cigna website.

On the Cigna website you can use the simple search tool to view doctors, hospitals, ancillary providers and urgent care facilities in the Cigna network.

Option 2:

Visit the Multiplan website.

Once on the page, click Select Network; then choose the PHCS or Multiplan network. Choose Extended PPO. Then choose your zip code and search for your doctor.

Option 3:

Download the CareValet Mobile App

Wherever you are, the CareValet app can geolocate you, triage your healthcare needs, and point you to the right care facility or professional.

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