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A simple, innovative way to stabilize healthcare costs

The Iron ReHealth Benefit Program helps members reduce health benefit costs by providing a unique, specialized program tailored to small and mid-sized business that emphasizes wellness, cost saving education, and concierge-level service.

Announcing our Partnership with Cigna and Benebay

 Our Viva Health Partnership

Program Eligibility

  • Company must be a member of an affiliated association
  • Employees must be working full-time (at least 30 hours a week)
  • Company must have two or more employees to apply
  • Independent contractors are not eligible

Virtual Doctor

As part of the benefit program, we utilize Teladoc to allow patients 24/7 access to a U.S. certified doctor through the phone or mobile app. This service is available at no extra cost and has a $0 copay.

Large Health Networks

The benefit program utilizes healthcare provider networks with widespread coverage across the United States to ensure you are covered no matter where you live.

Smart Health 360

The benefit program provides a specialized team that is available to help you keep track of medications and provide next steps with a chronic or unexpected illness.

Program Features

Customer service team dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience

Stable health benefit costs

Access to Smart Health 360 which equips members to live healthy

24/7 access to a Doctor through Teladoc with a $0 copay

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