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Smart Health 360 is a specialized team of medical professionals to help you navigate the complex health care system by providing medical management and oversight for the participants of this benefit program. We promote proactive primary care by encouraging participants to take advantage of the education, behavior change guidelines, and care management methods that we offer. Our goal is to improve our participant’s overall health and well-being. By promoting transparency and responsibility, we provide participants with the resources to make well-informed decisions on the best and most cost-effective healthcare treatment for them.

Care Management for Chronic Diseases

Your benefit program provides incentives to encourage participants to better prevent, detect, treat, and manage both physical and mental chronic diseases. Our specialized professional medical team will develop a relationship with our participants and provide care coordination and management initiatives to improve our participants’ understanding of healthcare and overall well-being. Through the provision of quality care by a licensed provider in an opportune setting and avoidance of hospitalization, term cost savings are achieved, and the participant can achieve their optimal level of wellness.

Unexpected Diagnosis

If a participant receives an unexpected diagnosis, our team is here to help you navigate the healthcare system and receive the best care possible to treat the disease process. We will help you better understand your diagnosis and help match you with the best provider possible to treat your ailment at your request. Participating in our Care Management program will assure quality care, maximize recovery, minimize complications, and promote informed decision making.

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