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The Iron ReHealth Benefit Program helps members reduce health benefit costs by providing a unique, specialized program tailored to small and mid-sized business that emphasizes wellness, cost saving education, and concierge-level service.

Announcing a new Viva Health Partnership

Our Viva Health Partnership


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Viva Health Provider Search

There are several options to make it easy to search for a Viva Health provider. 

Option 1:

Search the VIVA Health provider list

Click the link below to search for providers by typing in the name or location of the provider. You can also view all providers in a certain state, city, or specialty by selecting from the dropdown list.

Option 2:

Visit the Multiplan website.

Once on the page, click Select Network; then choose the PHCS (Extended PPO) or Multiplan (PPO) network. Then choose your zip code and search for your doctor.

Benebay (Cigna Health) Provider Search

Use the link below to search for providers in the Cigna Health network.

Option 1:

Search the Cigna Health provider list

Click the link below to search for a provider in the Cigna Health network. When prompted, select “PPO, Choice Fund” as your Medical Plan option.


Virtual Doctor

As part of the benefit program, we utilize Teladoc to allow patients 24/7 access to a U.S. certified doctor through the phone or mobile app. This service is available at no extra cost and has a $0 copay.

Large Healthcare Network

The benefit program utilizes healthcare provider networks with widespread coverage across the United States to ensure you are covered no matter where you live.

Smart Health 360

Our Smart Health 360 team is available to help you keep track of medications and provide next steps with a chronic or unexpected illness.

Understanding Health Insurance

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