A Simple, Innovative
Approach To Healthcare

Creating And Maintaining 
A Lifestyle Of Wellness. 

Swift And Easy Access 
To Care For Our Members. 




Program Features


Iron ReHealth’s in-house customer service team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience and advocating on behalf of our members.  


The Iron ReHealth program helps member stabilize health benefit costs over time through cost-savings education and wellness initiatives.

Smart Health 360

Smart Health 360 is our health and wellness initiative that equips members to live healthy and proactively engage in their healthcare through wellness programs and health education.


Iron ReHealth utilizes Teladoc to allow members 24/7 access to a U.S. certified doctor through the phone or mobile app. This service is available at no extra cost and has a $0 copay. Click here to learn more.

Large Health Networks

The benefit program utilizes healthcare provider networks with widespread coverage across the United States to ensure you are covered no matter where you live. 

Plan Designs

Iron ReHealth gives you the ability to customize your benefit plan to best fit the needs of your company.  

What We Offer

Self Funded

Iron ReHealth offers self-funded benefit plan options in which a company can elect to pay claims directly instead of purchasing group insurance through the traditional market. This option allows employers to own, and therefore control, their health plan. By cutting out the middleman, employers have more opportunities to stabilize annual health benefit costs, control the design of their health plan, and save the profit margin embedded in fully funded insurance plans.

Advisory Services

Iron ReHealth offers advisory services to help companies manage and mitigate employee-related risks, including employee benefits and retention. We specialize in designing and implementing wellness programs to minimize health-related risks and to promote proactive control of healthcare within employees and their families. With the addition of a captive structure, companies can fully manage and mitigate all employee-related risks within the company. Captives provide more opportunity for flexibility and profit potential than traditional insurance market options. 

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Montgomery, AL 36116

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M-F: 8am - 5pm CST